RIOTOUS - Realtime Internet Of Things Of Unusual Size

Free, Open Source Internet Of Things Framework

RIOTOUS (Realtime Internet Of Things Of Unusual Size) is a framework designed to make connecting devices to the internet easy while keeping overheads low. Designed for the ESP8266 module, the framework uses as little as 3KB FLASH, and 140 bytes of RAM when using a 32 byte buffer for data connections making it useful for devices such as the PIC16 range. While there are different variations of the framework for specific devices (such as PIC, AVR etc) a generic C interpretation exists which only requires a handful of functions to be coded which include UART setup, UART get data, and UART receive data. However, the framework is not limited to client devices as there is a server package that makes inter-device connections simple. Written in, the server handles TCP connections, device timeout, port direction, client connection status and much more. The server itself is an extension to any program so that a fully customized server can be made. For example, a server that is required to record temperature from a WiFi device and then display on a graph is a trivial task when using the RIOTOUS framework.