A PLC For All

The Shark Byte PLCs are low cost Programmable Logic Controllers that work very similarly to industrial PLCs designed for makers and education.The “plug-and-play” devices are easy to use, available in both built and kit form, and are packed with functionality to help tackle most control and automation applications.

No Code. All Control

Unlike other programming platforms the Shark Byte range of products are programmed using a graphical ladder logic schematic; an intuitive and easy to use method for creating control processes and applications.

Simplistic Connection

Typical industrial PLCs are not the easiest devices to connect to with some requiring dedicated expensive programmer units while others require complex network configurations. The Shark Byte range of PLCs use a simple USB B connection, automatically recognised by Windows 7 and up, automatically scanned for by the Ladder Logic program, and are programmed with one click of a button.

Ideal Educational Platform

With its quick USB connection, fast download times, and affordability the Shark Byte range of PLCs are perfect for education. The range of PLCs are all constructed using through-hole technology and when paired with the in-depth documentation of their workings students can learn exactly how PLCs function.

Free, No License Software

The proprietary software for the Shark Byte PLC range, Ladder Logic, is completely free of charge to makers, educators, and even industry! The software requires no licensing, registration, or proof-of-purchase to design ladder logic programs or program them onto a Shark Byte PLC.

Accessible Range

From the Shark Byte Nano to the Shark Byte I, the range of PLCs is accessible to all makers. The nano is an ideal solution for educators who want to combine programming and construction while keeping costs down. The Shark Byte Micro is ideal for those who are ready to connect their PLC design to external devices such as motors and opto-isolators while the Shark Byte I is ideal for large projects that need many inputs and outputs.

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