For RIOTOUS to function correctly there are a few requirements for the controller used and the ESP8266 module

  • Controller MIPS of at least 4MIPS (more speed = high baud rate for communication)
    • PIC Devices > 16MHz Oscillator
    • AVR Devices > 4MHz Oscillator
  • Controller free RAM of 256 bytes (it is possible to go lower but check your compiler first)
  • Onboard UART module on controller
  • Interrupt on UART receive
  • ESP8266 Module with SDK 1.5.4 and AT

The RIOTOUS Framework requires a specific version of the ESP8266 firmware (SDK 1.5.4 and AT so do remember to either program the ESP8266 module following this guide or purchase a pre-configured module from here. Programming ESP8266 modules is easier than it may seem (especially with the programming package that can be obtained from the download page).