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The Shark Byte Nano is the entry level of the Shark Byte PLC range that is aimed at those who are new to PLCs. The Nano does not have external connectors nor does it remember the last program written to it but instead has a wide range of on-board I/O for interacting with the PLC as well as using power over USB. The Nano is the simplest PLC and very easy to build with just two ICs, a range of switches, LEDs, and resistors. The Nano is ideal for students who are new to electronics and programming as well as industrial engineers who are learning about PLCs and need a simple device to quickly sketch new designs. The Nano is the only fully portable PLC on the market that fits in your pocket while connecting flawlessly to the L2 PLC Software package.

This PLC works with the L2 PLC software which is available for free with no strings attached!

Included with this kit

  • Shark Byte Nano Kit Form


Digital Inputs4 Tactile Switches
Digital Outputs4 LEDs
Analog Inputs1 x Potentiometer
Stepper MotorsNo
Output LEDsYes
On-board MemoryNo
Total Element Count32
Power ConnectionUSB
Voltage Supply5V
Voltage CurrentN/A
Digital Input Voltage RangeN/A
Analog Input Voltage RangeN/A
CE ConformityYes
RoHS CompliancyYes


Download Shark Byte PLC User Manual

Download Shark Byte Nano Kit Manual

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