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The Shark Byte I is the top-end spec of the Shark Byte PLC range featuring 8 inputs, 8 outputs, 4 analog inputs, and two stepper motor output control signals. Like all Shark Byte PLCs the Shark Byte I is constructed using through-hole technology to make it easy to build in kit form, repair, and understand how PLCs function. All terminals on the Shark Byte I are screwed making it easy to connect to external hardware, inputs are protected via opto-isolators, and all outputs having relays with both normally closed and normally open contacts.

This PLC works with the L2 PLC software which is available for free with no strings attached!

Included with this kit

  • Shark Byte I Completed / Kit Form (Optional)
  • Authorised 12V Power Supply (UK Plug)
  • USB B cable


Digital Inputs8 x Opto-isolated inputs
Digital Outputs8 x Relay Outputs
Analog Inputs4 x Zener Protected
ESTOPYes - External
BuzzerYes - Built In
Stepper Motors2 x Control Lines (Direction / Clock)
Output LEDsYes
On-board MemoryYes
Total Element Count256
Power ConnectionDC Barrel Jack
Voltage Supply12V
Voltage Current2A Max
Digital Input Voltage Range3V to 24V
Analog Input Voltage Range0V to 5V
CE ConformityYes
RoHS CompliancyYes


Download Shark Byte PLC User Manual

Download Shark Byte I Kit Manual

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