Micro Audio Amp


Micro Audio Amp

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Audio signals from audio sources such as computers, laptops, and smartphones are strong enough to directly power headphones but not larger speakers. If large speakers need to be driven then an audio amplifier is required which amplifies the small signal so that large speakers can be properly driven. In this kit you will build a Micro Audio Amp which can drive headphones and small speakers from common sources!

Product Specifics
  • Component Count : 25
  • Battery Powered? : No
  • Operating Voltage : 5V to 16V
  • Operating Frequency : 20Hz to 44kHz
  • Output Voltage : N/A
  • Output Current : up to 100mA
  • Dimensions (PCB) : 48mm x 35mm
  • Mounting Holes : Yes
  • Prebuilt : No – Kit form
  • Batteries Not Included


Download Instructions (PDF)

Download Electronics Construction Manual (PDF)


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