Discrete Logic Analyser


Discrete Logic Analyser



When it comes to debugging logic circuits, the logic analyser is arguably the most important piece of equipment. A logic probe, like the MitchElectornics Logic Probe Kit, can be used to probe a logic signal and see what it is doing in real-time but many times it is important to know how a logic signal is changing over time with respect to other logic signals. For example, imagine a counter circuit that has a clock and a counter IC with some control signals; how can all of the signals to the counter be probed at the same time while the clock is operating at 100kHz? The answer is the logic analyser!

A logic analyser not only records the logical state of a signal, it also records logic signals over time. This is really handy in situations where a signal is unpredictable, and since logic analysers typically have at least 8 channels, they are able to show how different signals relate to each other. Almost all analysers on the market have large memories that can store many hundreds of thousands of samples at very high frequencies while also being able to display this information on a graph. However, the Discrete Logic Analyser by MitchElectronics is truly one of a kind!

The MitchElectronics Discrete Logic Analyser, as the names suggests, is a logic analyser that is built entirely with glue logic and discrete components with not a single micro-controller or processor in sight! The analyser is very basic being only able to store 256 samples, 8 logic channels, and a slow samples speed in the kHz. However, this kit is a great demonstration of glue logic, is incredibly fun to operate, and interesting to see running with the many LEDs and controls. However, the use of glue logic also makes this design somewhat complex which is why it may be a good idea to refer to the blocktised schematic when learning how this circuit works!

Product Specifics
  • Component Count : 100
  • Battery Powered? : Yes, 9V PP3
  • Operating Voltage : 5V
  • Operating Frequency : N/A
  • Output Voltage : N/A
  • Output Current : N/A
  • Dimensions (PCB) :mm x mm
  • Mounting Holes : No
  • Prebuilt : No – Kit form
  • Batteries Not Included

The Discrete Logic Analyser is an advanced kit that can take several hours to constructed having 100 components. The kit teaches about how glue logic can be used to create solutions without needing to resort to micro-controllers or advanced silicon solutions. The kit also demonstrates how memory modules function as well as having a nostalgia twist for those who would historically construct parts using discrete logic components. This kit can also be ideal for the teaching of logic analysers as well as demonstrating step-by-step how data is loaded externally and transferred into the SRAM IC.


Download Instructions (PDF)

Download Electronics Construction Manual (PDF)

RoHS Details

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