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Many circuits (including some MitchElectronics kits), require a 5V supply that is smoothed and reliable. The reason for this is that some components are not able to handle other voltages such as the buzzer found in many MitchElectronics kits which are rated for 5V operation only. If a different voltage is used then the component may either fail to work or even break! Creating a 5V source can be done with the use of the 7805 regulator but bread boarding a 5V source is cumbersome as breadboards are often large in size and inconvenient. This 5V source kit, however provides you with a 5V source that is compact, small, and convenient which takes a standard 9V PP3 battery and produces a stable and regulated 5V for all your 5V needs!

Product Specifics
  • Component Count : 9
  • Battery Powered? : Yes, 9V PP3
  • Operating Voltage : 7V to 16V
  • Operating Frequency : N/A
  • Output Voltage : 5V
  • Output Current : 200mA Max
  • Dimensions (PCB) : 54mm x 13mm
  • Mounting Holes : No
  • Prebuilt : No – Kit form
  • Batteries Not Included


The 5V Source Kit is highly ideal for use in small remote applications where space is limited. The kit, only requiring a handful of parts, is also highly ideal for use in the classroom as students can construct the kit in less than 30 minutes while providing them with their own regulated voltage supply. The 5V source kit is also important when using some MitchElectronics kits and can be a convenient method for converting the output of a 9V battery into a 5V source. Other areas that would benefit from the 5V Source Kit include pedal-bikes, push-scooters, RC planes, robotics, and DIY computers.

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