555 Night LED Breather


555 Night LED Breather

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The 555 Night LED Breather is a multistage kit that combines a light detector, a 555 astable oscillator, and a RC charging bank to produce a night activated LED beacon. When the light level falling onto the kit falls below a defined level (using the potentiometer), the circuit enables the 555 astable oscillator which in turn makes an LED slowly turn on and off. The rate at which the LED is turned on and off can be adjusted with a second potentiometer and this kit is ideal for night beacons and path indicators. This kit is great for the classroom and can be constructed in under an hour by most students.

Product Specifics

  • Component Count : 17
  • Battery Powered? : Yes, 9V PP3
  • Operating Voltage : 5V to 16V
  • Operating Frequency : 0.5Hz to 2Hz
  • Output Voltage : N/A
  • Output Current : N/A
  • Dimensions (PCB) : 44mm x 30mm
  • Mounting Holes : Yes
  • Prebuilt : No – Kit form
  • Batteries Not Included


The 555 Night LED Breather Kit is highly ideal for use in the classroom as it is a small kit that can be constructed in under an hour. It can be used as a teaching aid for learning how to construct electronic kits as well as an example of how the 555 astable oscillator works. The kit includes four mounting holes for ideal for design and technology related courses while the LED can easily be mounted remotely from the PCB and wires used to connect the LED to its associated pads. The 555 Night LED Breather kit is also ideal for use as a stand alone module for projects and applications including night lights, signal indication at night, and warnings. If a pair of flashing lights are desired, the transistor flasher kit would be a good alternative as this has fewer parts and requires no integrated circuits to function.

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