The S1000 range of controllers are serial to parallel converters for common busses inculding PS2 keyboard and mice, I2C and UART. All controllers also include an integrated HD44780 E strobe controller for interfacing with alphanumeric displays. The method for reading and writing data to the MPU is identical to accessing parallel SRAM which enables for direct integration of the S1000 series range into microcomputer applications using processors such as the Z80. The MPU is also easy to use in microcontroller applications and can help to offload protocols that otherwise may take up interrupt time such as PS2 Keyboard / Mouse communication and UART coms. Multiple devices are included in the S1000 range with each increasing edition containing more controller capabilities. For example, the S1000 is a PS2 to Parallel convert whereas the S1003 contains the PS2 to parallel, UART to parallel, and I2C to parallel. Please note, the S1000 range of controllers only read from keyboard and mice (they cannot write to such devices to control LED indicators etc).

Below is a list of features included in the range of controllers (ranging from the S1000 to the S1003).

  • S1000 – PS2, LCD
  • S1001 – PS2, LCD, Timer
  • S1002 – PS2, LCD, Timer, UART
  • S1003 – PS2, LCD, Timer, UART, I2C

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