Education Services

Bringing practical electronics to all students

At MitchElectronics we believe that teaching electronics is the key to a bright future for the UK with the world being even more integrated and connected. Our engineering services can help you realise engaging projects for students with custom electronic kits, project ideas, documentation, and fully customised PCBs. Theory can only take students so far and most educators agree that the value of practical work cannot be understated. This is why MitchElectronics strives to bring educational facilities affordable services so that every student in a class can experience the world of practical electronics.

Custom projects

Tailored to students
In-depth and clear documentation
Personalised teaching resources

Through-hole plated
Solder mask
Clear component legend

High quality PCBs

Our educational services

Our engineering services include
  • Custom kits (e.g. tailored to specific curriculum requirements)
  • Custom PCBs (Student projects, teaching resources etc.) 
  • Project ideas
  • Part sourcing
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