Free delivery and new product options

After some careful consideration it has been decided that all products now come with free delivery by default. While international buyers and those who want special delivery will still have to pay an additional fee, customers who are from the UK Mainland now have free delivery as the default postage option. For orders that only consists of a few items (such as a few components and kits) will receive their order via 2nd class large letter while bulkier orders will be delivered via Royal Mails parcel delivery service.

Many kits on the site will also be provided with new options for those who run small hobby groups, clubs, and schools. These new options will provide both group and class pack options with group packs included 5 kits and class packs including 30 kits but both of these options also provide lower rates per kit. For example, the 555 astable class pack has kits which are normally priced at £2.99 each but are instead only £1.99 each as they are being purchased in bulk.

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